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More time caring.

Less time charting

Explore features of EMR Software/EHR Software

Enhance Patient Experience

Reduce operating costs and resource wastage with the aid of the Karehealth Electronic Medical Records Software.

Patient Profile in its entirety

The entire process of uploading your patient’s medical records, prescriptions, etc. is modernised by EHR and EMR software.

Make Patient Records Digital

From anywhere, send patients electronic prescriptions, and save patient information digitally.

Control diagnostic report output

Quick access to diagnostic reports is made possible by electronic medical record software for the appropriate parties.

View Development Reports

Utilize built-in custom notifications that are set up for every anomaly to get a full picture of the patient’s development in terms of health.

Medical Records Division (MRD)

Physical copies of previous records are kept in physical files with the patient’s new digital medical record keeping software by EMR and EHR software.

Request for Medication Administration (MAR)

Software for electronic health records manages frequency and time mapping, enables order lists for drug intent, and organises MAR worklist and medication administration.

Hyper Coordinated Workflows

With automated workflows at your convenience, join the movement of healthcare to the digital age.

Drug Order Management

Deliver available medications as soon as possible because EMR software updates the pharmacy automatically for quicker service.

Therapeutic Order Management

You can create procedural orders or testing orders using templates built into electronic medical record software.

Diet Plan Administration

Share the patient’s diet plan with the appropriate parties.

Validity Status

Software for electronic health records watch the patient’s clearance status closely.

Present a Paperless Hospital

EMR software for doctors can help cut down on superfluous paperwork and bring in the next phase of growth.

Particular Focus

Your team is empowered to process the crucial patient data rapidly thanks to built-in ready templates created by specialists in medicine.

Safeguard Private Information

For sensitive information, create private and secure templates.

controlling patient admission

Set up a painless admittance process for patients with the necessary documentation.

Operation Request

Surgery criteria are quickly met by electronic medical records software since it sends a ticket to the appropriate department and physician.

The computerised version of a patient’s health information, including medical reports, test results, vital signs charts, etc., is called an electronic health record. EHRs are patient-centered, real-time records that put all the information at the practitioners’ fingertips.

The price of EHR software varies depending on the setup/healthcare facility’s needs. For additional information, please visit our price page.

The operational cost of record keeping at a healthcare facility can be significantly decreased by an EHR system that is SaaS cloud-first and mobile-first. Electronic health records software decreases the possibility of human errors, leaves less of a paper trail, and gives doctors instant access to all of a patient’s important medical records by digitising them.


The paper charts at the clinician’s office are converted to digital form in electronic medical records software (EMRs). The medical and treatment histories of patients in a single practise are stored in SAAS EMR software. EHRs perform all of these functions and even more. EMR EHR software focuses on the patient’s overall health, going beyond the usual clinical data gathered at the doctor’s office and taking a more comprehensive approach to a patient’s care. Medical EHR software is made to extend beyond the confines of the healthcare institution that first gathers and compiles the data.

Software for electronic health records includes a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, prescriptions, treatment plans, dates of immunisations, allergies, radiology pictures, and results of lab and test work. Give clinicians access to evidence-based tools so they may decide how to use the patient care record software. Automate and improve facility operations Enhance patient care Enhance coordination of care Make prescriptions more dependable and secure.