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everything necessary to operate a hospital

Investigate HIMS Features

Mobile & Web Interface

You can develop a digital presence across channels with the aid of the Karehealth Hospital Information Management System.

Control of access based on role
Provide doctors, nurses, the front desk, the support team, etc. with role-based web app access.

Unbranded mobile applications
Utilize mobile apps and hospital-branded apps to enhance your online visibility.

IPD Management

IPD module handles the patient admission to discharge journey effortlessly.

Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) Management

Hospital Information Management System is designed for
faster & efficient IP admission, transfer and discharge management.

Patient Daycare

Faster IP admissions, patient transfers, real-time bed management, and quick discharge

Operation Theater (OT) Management

Accelerate OT work-list & transfer list, schedule surgery and efficiently take care of approvals.

Cath Lab Management

The patient admission through discharge process is conveniently handled by the IPD module.

You can handle transfers, work lists, the Cath lab schedule, etc. with the use of hospital administration software.

Management of Diet
With dietician schedules, diet plan designers, and pre-built diet templates, you can provide the ideal diet to your patients.

The Emergency Response Care Hospital Information Management solution enables you to raise ER staff productivity.

OPD Management

A powerful hospital management system that makes it possible to consistently delight outpatients.

A self-service site for patients allows them to access all services.

Alert Manager Immediately inform the patients

Queue Management Provide patients with online and walk-in appointment options to help them avoid crowding in lines.

facilitate quicker doctor’s appointments

Billing Management

Hospital Information Management System helps manage IP and outpatient billing information efficiently.

IP/ER/DC Billing System

Get paid faster and streamline IP billing, planned discharge, and financial operations process

Outpatient Billing

Hospital Information Management System works to supervise outpatient orders, diagnostic reports and daily transactions

One place to manage all your account receivables. Manage payment received, settlements, and outstanding. Send due alerts

Payment Methods

Enable patients and HCPs to do online and offline transactions

Doctor Payout

Quickly set up doctors’ profiles, configure services, post bills and oversee final payments

Operations Management

Well-designed hospital management software system software has features for the seamless functioning of the hospital operations department.

Facility Management

Optimize manpower, improve productivity and set up the billing process of single or multiple hospital facilities in a few clicks


Streamline housekeeping activities at the hospital.

View CSSD inventory and handle indent request/issue/acknowledge smoothly

Online Hospital

All-in-One Hospital Information Management System for patients, doctors and enterprise clients and their employees.

Patient Portal

Patients can book a slot for appointments, teleconsultations, and make online payments

Corporate Admin Portal

Reduce medical costs for your enterprise clients and their staff

Doctor Portal

Improve the productivity of your doctors by managing the online profile of your doctors and their appointments

Patient Feedback System

Hospitals and Clinics can easily capture patient feedback from our world-class hospital information management system.

Patient Feedback Management Solution

Continuously monitor patient satisfaction level, measure and
identify areas of improvement in your service.

More FAQs

Hospital management information system is a computerised system that help in managing clinical, financial, laboratory, Inpatient, outpatient, pharmaceutical, etc. operations in a hospital. With the help of Hospital Management Information system, healtcare providers can focus more on providing quality healthcare to the patients.

A hospital information system helps healthcare providers in streamlining their operations including managing patient health records(EMR/EHR), appointments, billing, diagnostics and much more.

Major role of HIMS is to record information on health events and check the quality of services at different levels of health care. The importance of patient assessment is a part of the concept of giving importance to patient’s views in improving the quality of health services.

Hospital Information System benefits include enhancing patient satisfaction through improved communication; greater provider sensitivity towards patients; enhanced community awareness about the quality of services; and overall better use of services in the health system.

Healthcare management software is a digitized system that helps in management of health information of patients in a healthcare facility.