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Explore Pharmacy SaaS features

One Solution for all of Your Needs

The implementation of Karehealth software in pharmacies helps pharmacists manage IP/OP orders more quickly and accurately while writing prescriptions.

Internal Pharmacy

The convenience of monitoring and tracking IP orders, automating the updating of medical data, and paying patients is provided by pharmacy management systems.

ambulatory pharmacy

OP orders can be generated using pharmacy management software directly from the practitioner’s e-prescriptions.

Storefront Sales

Faster turnaround is made possible with customizable templates for walk-in sales.

Manage Orders and Payments

order prescriptions

order prescriptions Quickly retrieve electronic prescriptions and have orders automatically filled from the prescriptions

Return Confirmation

You may manage returns and acknowledge return orders with ease using a pharmacy management system.

Organize Indent

The requisition order for drugs, supplies, etc. is maintained using a customizable pharmacy management programme.

Complete/Partial Issue

aids in centrally tracking all or some issued orders.

Revenue Tracking & Reporting

With the help of robust pharmacy software that allows you to monitor payments and the settlement process, you may gain actionable data.

Settlement & Payment

Utilize the comprehensive and integrated billing module of the pharmacy management system to track payments and settlement without any mistakes.

Enterprise Reports

Real-time reporting provides information about business activities so you can make informed decisions.

Inventory Management

A top pharmacy management system allows for seamless real-time communication throughout the pharmacy supply chain and provides you with fine-grained view of the available inventories.

Shared View

Display a dynamic view of the stock that is currently accessible to facilitate easy inventory planning.

Alerts & Notifications in Real-Time

Receive alerts for various inventory and supply chain events by email, SMS, and mobile app.